Population-level insights with synthesized national data

Better government services.

Governments need to understand how citizens behave and how policies affect people’s lives. In addition to good policy, citizens also demand better government services. Properly deployed data can dramatically accelerate both goals. However, expanding government use of data increases concerns among citizens regarding individual privacy and the reach of government.


Data within the government is decentralized. Before a department shares data with other departments, it is anonymized to keep the data secure and private. This is a costly and time-consuming process. Governments hold a lot of personal and other highly privacy-sensitive data. These should only be processed carefully and in full compliance with national and EU privacy laws.

… Data within government are stored decentrally

… Anonymizing data is a costly and time-consuming process

Use cases

Government policy research

Faster and better research results

Governments need to understand how policies affect people's daily lives. This requires a lot of data. However, increasing use of data leads to more privacy concerns. Synthetic data facilitates the research process without sacrificing individual privacy. The result: better, faster and more policy-relevant research by academics, research institutes and government departments.

Population Research

Open data through national statistical offices

Government departments need research results to optimize the use of resources. This enables them to see how their policies affect different groups in society. Based on this, they can find out whether policy changes or new policies are needed. If this data is freely available (open data) through national statistics offices, other parties, such as schools and universities, can also use these statistics.

Software testing

Significantly speed up the testing process.

Governments need data from many departments and divisions to test their software. When working with citizen data, it is essential that this is carried out in a way that is privacy-safe. With synthetic datasets in their production environment, governments can significantly speed up the testing process.

Epidemic research

More effective and personalized treatment options.

In the event of a pandemic, it is important to quickly investigate how a virus spreads. The same goes for researching the most effective treatment options. With synthetic data, healthcare can gain more insights and provide more personalized care. For example, the data can predict which patients are at increased risk of reinfection and readmission. The use of synthetic data ensures that these studies comply with all privacy laws and regulations.