Better, safer, and faster
than real data
. .. ... mimics your real data and generates privacy-safe synthetic data 
to accelerate your data-driven innovation

Data is the lifeblood of digital businesses. However, real data...

… can't be used or moved because of privacy constraints

… is insufficient because it's incomplete, biased, and unbalanced

… is expensive because it's hard to collect, integrate, store, and maintain

BlueGen’s platform applies AI to generate privacy-safe synthetic data that looks and behaves like the real data.

Your data’s privacy is guaranteed through BlueGen’s differential privacy

Your data is properly distributed and includes edge cases through augmentation and conditioning

Your data across different locations remains on-premise through BlueGen's federated learning framework

"The use of synthetic data will reduce the volume of real data needed for machine learning by 70%."
"Synthetic data will reduce personal customer data collection, avoiding 70% of privacy violation sanctions."

According to Gartner, by 2025

Privacy awards